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Roof leak repair Baltimore

If you own or manage a commercial building, the last thing you want to deal with is a roof leak. Harsh weather can come through at any time and cause water to build up or cause damage that lets water seep into your property.

A leaky roof can cause bigger issues like rot, mold, and structural damage if unaddressed. That’s why you need to act fast if you notice the slightest sign of a commercial roof leak. The minute you spot a leak, you should call an experienced commercial roofing company to come out and inspect the damage, and get to work fixing your roof.

At RGI Commercial Roofing, our team is standing by to come out and fix your roof leak issues right away. For years, we have been working solely in the commercial roofing industry. Our dedication to commercial property owners has made us experts in the field, and allows us to deliver excellent service to our Baltimore customers. Contact us today, and we’ll come inspect your leak ASAP.

Signs Your Flat Roof Is Leaking

Once you know you’re facing a roof leak, you know you need to act fast because waiting will lead to other problems. The problem is, flat roof leaks can be difficult to spot. Here are some signs to look for that might indicate you’re dealing with a leaky roof:

Stained Ceiling or Walls

If you have a drop ceiling or other interior ceiling, you can look around for water stains on tiles around the building. Stains would look like a discoloration where moisture would pool up. Water stains are a clear sign of a leaky roof.

Dripping Water or Puddles

If your commercial building is more industrial than an office building, you may not have ceiling tiles to inspect to look for water damage. Instead, you should look for water dripping from anywhere on the ceiling. Water pools up and seeps through your roof’s frame and slowly drips in one or multiple places. If the leak isn’t actively dripping, you may see puddles of water on the floor in spots. If you see any drips or puddles, you know you have a roof leak on your hands.

Odor or Mold

Sometimes, a roof leak won’t be visibly noticeable. You may have to rely on other senses to detect a problem. If you sense a musty smell, you may be detecting water damage. Similarly, you may see mold starting to form in certain spots. If you smell odor, or see mold or moisture, be sure to contact a commercial roofing inspector right away.

Common Causes of A Roof Leak

A roof leak may be the result of bad luck like a harsh storm, but oftentimes there are steps you can take to prevent a major leak. That said, let’s explore eht common causes of commercial roof leaks.

Improper Drainage

When you have a new roof put on, you should make sure that proper drainage is set up to properly move water off your building safely. Similarly, if any part of your drainage system gets damaged, you’ll want to repair it immediately to avoid future issues. The main points of vulnerability in a commercial drainage system consist of gutters, downspouts, drains, and scuppers. You need all of these components in working order to ensure water moves off the roof properly. If water isn’t draining right, it can lead to pooling or standing water that can weigh on the roof's surface and seep through the membrane.

Weak Penetration Points

Points of penetration on a roof include HVAC systems, pipes, vents, drains, and chimneys. If the point at which the roof meets one of these penetrations isn’t properly sealed, water can get in and create problems like leaks.

Damaged Material

If your roof’s flashing or membrane is damaged in any way, your roof is vulnerable to water damage. Both flashings and membranes are the most important components to protecting your roof from the elements. Making sure these are in good working order will protect your roof from water damage.

Aging Roof

Most commercial roofs last 15 years or more. If your roof is aging and showing signs of wear, it may be in a position to start leaking. Having your roof inspected to find out if it’s time for a new roof is the best way to make sure your roof is in good enough shape to protect your building. These materials are also great insulators, keeping heat inside during the cold winter months. It’s also strong enough to keep moisture out of the building with a tight bond to protect it year round.

What To Do When Your Commercial Roof Leaks

If your roof starts to leak, it’s important not to panic or try to fix it yourself. You may inspect the roof yourself to see the extent of visible damage, but the most important thing is to call an expert. A good contractor like RGI will come out and inspect your property right away. We’ll tell you where you stand, and what the next course of action should be.

Call A Professional Flat Roof Leak Expert

If you own or operate a commercial building in Baltimore, and you suspect a leak, contact our commercial roof leak experts at RGI Commercial Roofing right away. Even if you don’t spot a leak, it’s important to schedule regular roof inspections to ensure you avoid problems like roof leaks throughout the year.