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Your roof is your property’s first line of defense against the elements. A worn-out or damaged structure can mean dangerous conditions for tenants and visitors, so it’s important to have quality commercial services.

Making sure your roof is in good shape and installed correctly should be the highest priority for property owners. Not only will it help prevent costly repairs down the line, but it will also ensure no issues due to leaks down the line.

When it comes to your roof, you should always call a specialist. We have decades of experience exclusively working on all types of commercial roof repairs and replacements for buildings in Ellicott City.

Ellicott City’s Go-to Commercial Roofer

We’re the commercial roofing company that will truly take care of your needs in the short and long term. We provide exceptional service with competitive warranties, so call us today!


We're the commercial roofing company that will truly take care of your needs in the short and long term. We provide exceptional service with competitive warranties, so call us today!


With single layer membranes or modified bitumen varieties available, RGI can help make sure your flat roof prevents water damage and provides excellent efficiency, which drives your energy bill down.


Whether you are looking to protect against harsh weather or just need a more durable roof, our commercial property coating experts have the perfect product for your needs. By increasing the water resistance, we extend your roof’s life.


If there are signs your current roof is damaged by age - like leaks and visible wear- then fixing these issues now will protect both property value as well as your bottom line. Call now and our crew will fix your leak ASAP.


A quality roof pays for itself. If any signs appear indicating an age or showing wear after 15 years - contact us so we can come out with a free assessment on what needs to happen next.


Gutters and downspouts are a commercial roofing system's best friend. Without them, buildings would be at risk for flooding and foundation issues! Guttering helps keep this from happening while also preventing structural issues over time due to excess moisture buildup on site


Regularly inspecting your roof on your own is a good idea. Hiring a professional to come inspect is a better idea. If you think your building may have sustained damage, schedule a commercial roof inspection with RGI. We’ll inform you of what steps need to be taken to prevent leaks and other issues.

Why You Should Choose RGI Commercial Roofing

We believe that quality workmanship is the most important aspect of a successful project. Second to that is the quality of materials. With RGI, you can be sure your roof is in the hands of reliable crews using only the highest quality products.

Commercial Roofing Veterans

We're experts when it comes to any type or commercial property, including office buildings , multi family units, schools, hotels, or more. .

Insurance Specialists

We take the headaches out of insurance claims. We’ll communicate with your insurance company on your behalf, while most contractors won’t take on that responsibility. RGI is committed to making our roofing services as smooth as possible for our customers. When deciding who to work with, choose RGI for our expertise with commercial roofing restoration.

Fully Licensed & Insured

We have been helping commercial property owners maintain their roof, as well as maintain their properties, for more than ten years. In this time, we’ve come across countless challenges and situations. We bring this experience to every project we do, which is why we are so confident we can get the job done.